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LJ Idol Week 0

It has often been said that a picture paints a thousand words. When
pictures are meaningless though, words take on a whole new dimension and
value. I am a lover of words, and always have been. As a blind person,
words were always my way of doing what many people did with colored pencils,
crayons, or paints. in my own little way I wanted to be able to paint
pictures with words, and help people to imagine, through my writing, the
same kinds of things that people say they can get from pictures. From an
early age, I talked incessantly, and, unfortunately to some, very quickly.
Today, this is still true.

As a lover of words, to me, it goes without saying that I am also a lover of
books. As a child I was always being read to, and when I got old enough to
read on my own, I think it was rare to see me without a book. I feel very
strongly that reading helped me to discover my love for writing. Writing to
me is therapy, relaxation, and freedom. Through stories, poetry, and now,
just writing random things here in my LJ, I feel that I have been able to
express myself beyond anything I could ever have done just by talking to

Just because I happen to love words doesn't mean that I always get them
right. While trying to sound at least halfway intelligent, I've managed to
make some pretty hilarious mistakes, both in writing and in speech. It is
for this reason that I've discovered that one doesn't always have to use big
fancy words to get their point across or to write well. To me, it's not
necessarily all about the words that are used, but it's the way those words
are used that truly makes a good writer.

Throughout the next several months as we progress through the weeks and the
topics, you will continue to learn about me, my thoughts, my opinions, and
hopefully a lot more. I want to wish everyone who signed up this season
good luck, and I hope to get to know many new people through this