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Hey everyone! I had to come in here tonight and write an entry. I'm
completely and utterly thrilled with myself and I just had to let everyone

Tonight, for the first time ever, I made totally home-made French fries.
This includes cutting them using this really neat French fry cutter that
makes the potato slicing a total breeze, and then, (and this was yet another
first for me but something that I've been wanting to do for a long time
now), I put the fries into a deep fryer. They were absolutely incredible.

I was really excited and thrilled last Friday when masterofmusings
told me that I'd be getting something from Amazon this week. I had
absolutely no idea what it was. Fortunately for me though, he couldn't keep
it a secret. I was even more excited when he told me that what I was
getting was the French fry cutter and the deep fryer. We'd talked about it
briefly the day before, and I mentioned that someday I thought it'd be neat
to try it.

Well, both packages were scheduled to arrive yesterday. The fryer came as
expected, and I was fortunately on Skype with Bruce during his lunch hour,
so he got to be with me when I opened the box. The fry cutter though was
being sent by regular mail, and I wasn't exactly sure what the deal was with
it. I checked the tracking number and according to the web site I was
informed that it had been delivered on the 29th. Okay, so where exactly was
my package? I called the post office and was basically told that once the
package shows that it was delivered it was no longer their responsibility.
Nice. I was so tempted to say that if it had been her package she'd be
wondering where it was too, but for once in my life I kept my mouth shut.

The cutter was delivered to me this morning, and again, I waited until I was
talking with Bruce before opening the package. This of course meant that I
had to try things out tonight. I've got two long USB extension cables and
the cord that's already on my USB headset. This gives me the ability to
pretty much go everywhere in this apartment now which is really neat. So,
while preparing everything, I was talking with Bruce on Skype, and he was
able to be part of the entire process. When he comes here later this month
I'll be making hamburgers and fries for him so that he can try them this way
too. I absolutely love these new gadgets, and I thank him publicly for

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