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Voice Post: tazcat and brucetola, together!!!

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“Caroline: An we are on!
Bruce: Hiyiyiyiyiyiy!
Caroline: That would be me, as in not just me...
Bruce: But me as well.
Caroline: Yes!!!
Bruce: I'm actually here in Milwaukee!
Caroline: And he survived the trip!
Bruce: It was a harsh, grueling! trip! Filled with (unintelligible here-Caroline is moving the microphone in order to pick him up)
Caroline: and food smells but no food!
Bruce: Oh! That was the worrst part of it!! But here I am!
Caroline: Yes!!!!! (happy)And I'm still talking to him!
Bruce: Yes yes! she hasn't been totally repulsed by me. (this transcriber is going to whup your butt Bruce!)
Caroline: I told you I wouldn't be!
Bruce: Well!
Caroline: (giggles) And so we had McDonald's and now we're just sitting here making sure the couch does not float away!
Bruce: Yes, that's important.
Caroline: Yeah it really is because floating couches can be kind of painful if you get hit in the head with them!
Bruce: There oughta be a law against it too!
Caroline: Probably! I haven't read about it yet but mine tends to do strange things.
Bruce: Yeah!
Caroline: And whoever transcribes this will have the plesure of knowing you did a good deed! (Can I please whup his butt! Gently!) :)
Bruce: An incredibly good deed, and you should be commended. (Okay okay, I won't whup your butt then.) :)
(giggles and laughter)
Caroline: And let's see, what else can we say?...
Bruce: I still think Zaphod is a wonderful name!
Caroline: Zaphod is not a wonderful name and it will not happen unless it's a cat!
Bruce: HMMMMMMMMMM! (silence) Well!
Caroline: (laughing) Yes!And I'm going to take another slug of my wonderful ...
Bruce: Caroline got me a 24 pack of Coke! Isn't that beautiful of her?
Caroline: Yes I did!
Bruce: Real Coke, (unintelligible) Canadian Coke!
Caroline: And he knows it's Coke and not Pepsi because I already gave him a can. (distant nonunderstandable Bruce in background) I'm drinking an eggnog shake from McDonald's.
Bruce: I had a vanilla shake from McDonald's.
Caroline: I love eggnog!
Bruce: I love vanilla. (How about I love Caroline?) :)
Caroline: Well at some point maybe he'll get some vanilla ice cream!
(Then Caroline goes on to talk about the room fresheners she plugged in to make the place smell nice and Bruce, being the difficult man he is, pretends to be ill. Caroline laughs. Bruce carries on and Caroline giggles some more!
Caroline: But we're rambling, but it's a good ramble.
Bruce: yes it is, and it's wonderful, it's everything I hoped it would be, all my fears are over, and I'm so excited to be with this incredible person.
Caroline: So see Shazza, we kept telling him. (giggles) Maybe some day he'll start listening to us.
Bruce: Not in this lifetime.
Caroline: One can always dream.
Bruce: Why would I want to listen to a meer woman?
Caroline: OOOOOOOOh, because your dinner tonight depends on that.
Bruce: I heard that, and I listened too.
Caroline: I think before this times out we'd better shut up.
Bruce: I think we, (pause)
Caroline I didn't mean that way!
(She then goes on to say that we will be hearing more from them, together or separately or "something" and Bruce plays footsiewith her and they start giggling and say goodbye!”

Transcribed by: multiple users

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