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Well guys, I've done it! I pretty much set up my schedule to take a week off at the end of August. And, I'm going to take my first-ever ride on Amtrak. Yes, I've never been on a train in my life, so this will be an experience. I'll be taking the Empire Builder from here in Milwaukee, up through my old stomping grounds of the northern part of Wisconsin; going through Minnesota, (hey puppybraille, and then on to North Dakota to spend a week with a friend. I'm completely amazed at the travel rates! I checked with Greyhound, and for a roundtrip ticket they want about $232! With Amtrak, I'm getting better service, a 15 percent discount, and a roundtrip ticket for only $130. So let's think about this here. Greyhound? I don't think so! I'll leave on August 20 and come back August 29. All that's left to do is transfer some money into my savings account so that I'll have spending money for the trip, and change my tentative Amtrak reservation to a definite one. Then I'll load up on books and podcasts and take off for parts unknown! voyagerjc is going to stay home, so we'll both have a vacation. SMILE! Seriously though, he was invited, but I think he's probably afraid that the estrogen levels will be way too high, and he's not sure he could handle that. SMILE! So, look out world, here I come!

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