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Voice post translation just can't do this entry justice. Welcome to my world of technology work today. I'm configuring a computer with a speech synthesizer that is supposed to speak the Surbian language. Unfortunately, the installation process and all the documentation is also in Surbian, so I've had an interesting afternoon. Somehow, despite the fact that I wouldn't know Surbian if I heard it, I suspect that what you'll hear on this voice post is most definitely not correct. Enjoy!!!!

416K 2:10
“Okay, everybody, this is so worthy of a voice post. This is how I spend my days working, you see. I'm configuring a computer right now (well, I configured it last week but now I have to add something else to it. Apparently someone bought a computer for some people in Serbia. My job, then, was to install this Serbian speech synthesizer. Well, somehow I suspect that it didn't install as it was supposed to, and I thought that for those of you who didn't know what a drunk computer sounds like, I thought you might find this worth listening to.

Transcriber's Note: What follows is a sound not unlike the Beatles and some of their psychedelic "music". It must be heard to be believed, I am afraid.

I thought that was worthy of sharing because I thought it was an absolute riot. I even had to call Bruce at work because it was just too funny to pass up.

She then says something about voice post translations, and her cellphone makes it difficult to understand.”

Transcribed by: masterofmusings
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