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Are you Ill?

I was inspired to write this entry because of masterofmusings. I originally was just going to make it a regular entry, but then I decided to create a poll instead. Winter sucks, especially February and March because we all just want it to be over, and, of course, there're all the viruses that are going around and things. So, for my curiosity sake, have a poll all about being sick. And, let's hope for warmer weather to come soon!!!

Poll #1144726 Creeping Crud

During this winter season, have you been sick yet?


Were you really sick, or just kind of feeling crappy and run down sick?

I was definitely sick, and pretty much stayed in bed for a few days.
I was pretty sick but I couldn't stay at home to sleep it off
I wasn't overly sick, but I'm a wimp so I spoiled myself by taking it easy.
I wasn't really sick sick, but I felt off somehow.
I haven't been sick yet.

If you have to get sick, what would be your preference? (and no, not getting sick at all isn't a valid option here.)

I'd rather be really sick for a couple of days, sleep it off, take it easy, and get it over with all at once.
I( like the idea of being sick but still being able to function, so I don't want to be super bad off.
I like the idea of just feeling run down for a day or two, then being back up, only to feel bad again a few days later.
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