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Podcasts, Technology, and Just Some Randomness

Hey everyone. Well, I learned something today. Yes, the impossible has happened. GRIN! What I learned isn't really important, but the thought that it gave me might be.

The hosting provider that I'm using for my web site offers a very basic Podcasting script for a small fee. I know I've been talking for a while now about creating a podcast, but the big question has always been what, exactly, would I podcast about. This thing that I learned today would make an awesome podcast, so I was thinking about doing something based on some kind of technology how-to or something. I'd create a podcast if and when I came across something that I thought was neat, or something that not many people might know how to do. I know there are a lot of similar things like this out there, so my idea might be totally overkill. This is why, before putting out some money for something that nobody might even like, I present you with, for once, a poll that isn't totally useless information to me. I'd like feedback, so please feel free to leave me additional comments.

Oh. And, for anyone who's interested, I thought I'd use what I learned this morning as the first podcast topic -- how to add or change your search provider in IE 7. Or, maybe I'm just clueless and the rest of the world already knows how to do this? SMILE!

Poll #1147634 Podcast Decisions

Would you be interested in the occasional how-to/tech tip type of podcast?

Absolutely, the more tips I can pick up the better!
Possibly, depending on what it is.
I don't know.
Probably not.
No, there are already too many of these types of podcasts floating around.

What other types of things would you be interested in? 255 characters or less, otherwise please leave me a comment.

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