Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Convention Wrap-up Thoughts

Well, I'm sitting here listening to the banquet on ACB Radio Mainstream and now that the convention is, for all intents and purposes, over, I thought I'd give some thoughts and impressions.

A few days ago I said that I wished I had gone after all, and that's still true, but I learned several things while sitting here at my computer listening to the convention sessions.

  1. Listening at home gives me the opportunity to make comments that I would never be permitted to make otherwise.

  2. I can talk to people using IM software and not get yelled at for talking too much.

  3. I can laugh at the things that said IM person says and nobody will think I'm going nuts.

  4. If I find something funny that either is actually funny, or maybe isn't funny, but for some strange reason I find it funny, I can laugh at it and not have people thinking I'm nuts.

  5. No breaks during the morning and afternoon Friday sessions mean nothing to me; I can get up and move around without a name tag or without someone thinking I'm voting for something I don't want, and all I have to do is crank up my speakers.

  6. I can still get the echo effect of the convention hall by turning on two different computers since the streak will most likely not match up exactly.

  7. No guilt. I don't feel obligated to purchase a $50 raffle ticket in the hopes that I'll win $5000.

  8. No long lines. I can get my food when I want it, know for sure what I'm eating, and not have to worry about someone accidentally knocking my food out of my hand as I make my way to a table. "Oops. i'm really sorry ... I didn't see you ..."

  9. No tempting impulse buying sprees at the exhibit hall. hey, now I have more money to spend at the exhibits next year!

  10. Sending emails during the convention sessions is so much easier than taking notes in order to fill people in on things.

Wow! What a list. Maybe sometime I'll do another list--things I missed out on because I couldn't be at the convention. I think if I honestly hadn't wanted to be there I wouldn't have spent so much time glued to this machine and voluntarily using Doubletalk speech. SMILE! I do have to say now though that I never realized before this year just how valuable ACB Radio actually is for those who aren't able to attend the convention. Since I couldn't be there, having the ability to listen online was definitely the next best thing.

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