Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

A Challenge

Okay, I've got a challenge for everyone. For whatever reason, lately masterofmusings and I have been spending a lot of time on Wikipedia looking up different kinds of chips. Bruce likes the potato chips, I like the corn chips, so we've just been looking around. If you go to the entries for Pringles, potato chips, and Doritos, you'll be amazed at the flavors that are actually available, listed by country. There are some really unique flavors out there, but for whatever reason, they're obviously not available in all parts of the country. So, this brings me to my challenge.

I will pay anyone who can come up with bags of the cheeseburger Doritos and the chili Doritos. I will also pay anyone who can come up with the loaded baked potato Pringles, the hickory bacon Pringles, the bacon ranch Pringles, the honey mustard Pringles, the spicy Cajun Pringles, ... and I'll stop there for the time being. I challenge any and all of you to come up with these flavors that supposedly exist. Anyone up to it?

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