Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Holy Cow!!!!!

This is going to be very vague, but I think everyone except for masterofmusings will understand why once I start writing.

Although Bruce's birthday isn't until the end of May,I'm already looking for something for him. There's something that I'd like to get him but they don't have what I want. So, last night I wrote to the company to ask them what the chances would be of having things added, and already this morning I received a response. And, what really surprised me is that it's not one of those cheesy automatic or form letter responses. It was actually written to me with feedback on my suggestion. And, best of all, my suggestion is going to be forwarded on, so there's still a chance that I can get him what I'd like to get him before his actual birthday!

And, he's been bugging me about this, trying to get me to slip up and tell him what it is. It's NOT going to happen. GRIN!!!!!!

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