Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Voice Post; Blathering Idiot

I was testing a theory in this post and it didn't pan out. <lj user="brucetola tried twice to post a voicepost, and got cut off after a minute so I thought that LJ had changed our time limit. Apparently not though because I was able to ramble on for about 2.5 minutes before I decided to spare you all from listening to me talk about absolutely nothing. Oh yes, I did happen to mention though what NOT to do with an oven. My throat is really bothering me now because of the smoke. Stupid Asthma anyway!!!! Anyway, enjoy my rambles, and for those that can't or don't listen, you're really not missing much. GRIN! <lj-phonepost journalid='9322531' dpid='8896' />

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