Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

So Much to Do ...

So the next two days are going to be crazy for me. I'm trying to figure out exactly how to get everything done, and I'm not exactly good at prioritizing, and I much prefer to put the things that I WANT to do first. So, what exactly do I have to do before 1:00 PM tomorrow? Let's see ...

  • Change the bucket on the litter box so that when I get home I won't have a surprise waiting for me

  • Make sure that I've got plenty of reading material on my SD card so that I stay occupied while on the bus

  • Attempt to set up a time-order cab so that I can actually get to the Greyhound station at a reasonable time

  • Pack ... Hey, now there's a concept!

  • Cancel my doctor appointments for Friday morning and reschedule them

  • Work

  • Go to the bank and withdraw some cash; (and no, I'm not sharing)

  • Remember to put some of my bottles of soda into the fridge so that I can take them with me on the bus

  • Attend my follow-up appointment with my neurologist tomorrow morning so he can tell me if my brain is still functional

  • Anything else that I can't think of right now that I know will come up since it always does. SMILE!!!!(

Laundry, fortunately, isn't actually on the list because I motivated myself to take care of that yesterday morning. So, now it's a matter of just trying to decide exactly how I'm going to prioritize these items. GRIN! And yes, if you haven't figured it out already, I'm going on a short trip tomorrow through Monday. So, I'm definitely looking forward to that!

Well, gotta get myself going this morning so I'll be talking to you all later!

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