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Okay, so I'm sure you're all just dying to see what I've accomplished in the last day. So, let's see.

Time order cab is set up, although I'll be surprised if it actually shows up on time. My doctor appointments for Friday, and today, have been canceled and rescheduled, and rides have also been cancelled. Work? I've got two hours to make up this morning, but other than that, I'm done until Tuesday. I've been to the bank and have my cash. Have I ever mentioned that I love money? Ah! And my bottles of soda went into the fridge last night so they'll all be nice and cold, only to warm up during travel.

So, this leaves me with the litter box, food for the fur balls, (which I actually didn't have on the list originally but it goes without saying), stuffing my SD card with books, and packing. You know, I kind of like the list thing. It showed me how productive I've actually been, and I got more done than I thought I had. Oh yeah, and I need to reinstall the driver for my wireless card onto my PAC Mate so that I can use the card while I'm traveling. I sure can't wait until I get my new card that has built-in drivers!

So, I'll be leaving here at 1:00 PM if the cab shows up, and I'll be heading down to Chicago where I'll switch from greyhound to a different, and cheaper, carrier. That bus leaves at 5:00, and I'll get into the Zoo at 9:55 PM Eastern time. I'm looking forward to the bus trip actually, so this is going to be good. And, I intend to enjoy my entire weekend!

Anyway, time to motivate myself again so I'm out of here. I'll try to update as I go. Later everyone!

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