Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Please Help if You Can

Hi everyone. This morning, I went to create an LJ account for someone and ran into a problem. The audio verification that LJ has had as an alternative means of getting through the graphical Captcha system during account sign-up has been removed. This makes it impossible for a blind person to create an account now without getting someone to help read the screen. The system that LJ had was one of the best that I'd ever used, and I think it's really sad that this feature was removed. Since many of you reading this probably also used the audio to sign up, I'm hoping that you'll join me in trying to get this problem fixed. If you open a support request and tell them that it's missing, and how important it is that we get some sort of alternative verification system back, I think it would help. The more comments they get, the more likely I think it is that we'll be heard. There have been many changes with LJ lately, and none of them have been a problem for me, except for this one. Please help to get our sign-up process back!!

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