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Yeah. So here I sit, just a little bit before 7:00 AM, and I'm going to attempt to come up with a mostly coherent entry. This is truly amazing stuff. SMILE!

So, it's Friday. In about 9 hours I'll be on the weekend!!! And, (totally random and disjointed thought here, but my modem/router just randomly decided to reboot itself so I currently have no Internet connection.) And, it's back! Must have been a software update or something. Thanks, AT&T! SMILE!

Anyway, so yesterday afternoon and evening was rather interesting for me. I was coming back from the kitchen where I'd gone to grab a soda, and had intended to sit back down and do ... something on my computer. Cally hasn't exactly learned how to move out of my way when I get close to her. Well, okay, so what she's learned is that if she doesn't move and I accidentally kick her, I have to stop and pet her, so yeah. Yesterday though didn't quite go according to her plans. In my apartment I've got a counter that juts out and divides my kitchen from my living room area. It was here where things got interesting. Cally likes to lay on the floor where the two rooms come together. There's a metal strip across the floor where the linoleum ends and the carpet begins, and she's fascinated by that strip. So she was all stretched out there and I attempted to walk through. I ended up tripping over her and losing my balance. I kind of fell sideways and wacked my left hip on the counter. Last night it hurt like crazy, making even small movements extremely painful. This morning it's stiff, and still tender to the touch, but I suspect that I'll live. SMILE! She's been sucking up to me ever since though, but it hasn't stopped her from getting under my feet.

So, um ... Oh yeah. I saw a post on my F-List earlier from someone wondering why people change their LJ usernames. I can't speak for everyone of course, but I can explain why I did it.Some people like to include their pets names in titles, usernames, whatever. Typically I don't like to do this. I guess I feel that once that animal is gone, then you've still got the animal username, and for me, I'd just rather not do that. (Taz is still fine and healthy in case anyone was concerned.) When I created my LJ of course, I created it with the intention of never really using it other than to comment on people's entries. I kept trying and trying to come up with a username and it just wasn't happening. Everything I tried was taken. So, Tazcat kind of came out of desperation since I just couldn't find anything else. Now that I'm definitely using LJ full-time, I really wanted to find a username that was more representative of me. Obviously I love Taz, but he's not my entire life. I wanted something that just described me better, and since I obviously like cats and technology, I figured I'd put it together and create KittyTech. Sorry if it's inconvenienced anyone, that was never my intent.

And then, there's the weather. Today is March 28th. Spring has officially been here for a week. So, why exactly are we still having such absolutely crappy weather? masterofmusings told me this morning that he's supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow. Yeah, so it's Canada, and yeah, Canada is supposed to be cold, but come on! Enough's enough already! Then there's here. So we're supposed to start warming up a little over the next week. But, with the warm-up comes, not nice sunny warmness, (warmness? Hmm ...), but rain. I know, I know, April showers bring May flowers and all that junk, but it's getting through those April showers that just drives me crazy! SMILE! And yes, in about three months I'll be complaining again because I'm too hot. GRIN! But, I'm just getting to the time of year when I want about 65-70 degrees, (for you unreal temperature-type people among me, arinoch and masterofmusings, I haven't got a clue what that'd be, 16-18 maybe if I'm remembering right? But anyway, I'm ready for it to be warmer. And yes, I still want to move to Winnipeg! Maybe I should have my head examined, but I do. The other reason I want it to warm up is that masterofmusings comes here one week from today, and I want him to see a nice Wisconsin April. I know, to some, that's the perfect example of an oxymoron, but it's been known to happen, and there's still hope ... I hope.

Well, I've got to go for my monthly B12 shot this morning, so I suppose at some point I should motivate myself and get going. My van will be here in about two hours but this way I can be lazy and stuff while getting ready. So I'll end this ramble for now. I just realized that it'd been a while since I gave a true update, so wanted to kind of do that. This isn't even a true update, but it's a lot more than I've written in the last little bit. SMILE! Later everyone!

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