Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Real, as Opposed To ...

Okay, I love words. I love reading them, I love speaking them. Sometimes I mess them up, but whether this is on purpose or accidentally is for me to know, and for you maybe to figure out. SMILE!

So, when I read something that I find interesting, I just have to share. I give to you now part of my current weather report for your reading pleasure. The page says:

"Areal Flood Watch
Statement as of 3:34 am CDT on March 31, 2008

... Flood Watch now in effect through late tonight...

The Flood Watch is now in effect for

* portions of east central Wisconsin... south central Wisconsin
and southeast Wisconsin... including the following areas... in
east central Wisconsin... Fond Du Lac and Sheboygan. In south
central Wisconsin... Columbia... Green Lake and Marquette. In
southeast Wisconsin... Dodge... Jefferson... Kenosha...
Milwaukee... Ozaukee... Racine... Walworth... Washington and

* Through late tonight ..."

So this is a "real" flood watch. So does this mean that if there are real ones that they also predict fake ones or pretend ones? I truly don't understand this one, and yes, I'm probably also attempting to be a bit difficult, but oh well. SMILE! So yeah ... all of you who are experiencing fake floods, stay safe today.

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