Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Done for Another Year

And yes, better almost late than late, right? Last night, just before 10:00 PM, I took the hand of masterofmusings, and together we pressed the Spacebar on my computer keyboard, causing my electronic filing of my 2007 taxes to be submitted. I just wanted him to be a part of that, especially since I'm getting back enough in my state refund to fund my next trip to Winnipeg. Federal? Well, we won't go there. SMILE!

I do have a story though. Often times, people complain about the Social Security Administration, me included. However, yesterday they proved to me that there truly are some people that are willing to help, and are polite about it. Last month I wrote about how I needed to request a new 1099 form so that I could complete the tax forms. The date by which I was supposed to have my new 1099 came and went, and still no form. I really didn't want to file late, and I knew that if I requested yet another form it'd be forever before I got it. Going to a local office just isn't an option because I don't feel like taking a couple of hours to sit around holding a cute little piece of paper with my number on it. SMILE! So, yesterday I decided to try something. I called SSA's toll-free number. Now, typically, I see this as a complete last resort because I've gotten more conflicting information from them over the years, but you can't reach a human at all at our local offices, so this was my decision.

After fighting with their wonderful voice-activated system for a while, and confusing both myself and the system, I finally figured out the best way to get a real person on the phone. While waiting, I logged into the Zone to play games and get my daily point increase until someone picked up.

When someone answered, I explained my situation to her and asked if it would be at all possible for me to get my 1099 information read to me so that I could write it down. After doing the normal verification to make sure that I was who I claimed to be, she accessed the information and gave it to me. She also had another paper copy sent out to me, so hopefully I'll see that sometime soon. I really appreciated the help I got from this agent though, and after having so many negative experiences, I was just thrilled to have gotten the great service that I received this time around. I just wish I could remember the name of the lady that helped me.

Anyway, I still have at least one document that has to be filed in hard copy, but the taxes have been filed, and, Federal at least, has already been accepted by the IRS. I'm planning to get the rest of the paperwork done Thursday afternoon, and it'll be out of my way for another year!!!! Yeehaa!!!!!

Well, that's about it for now. I just wanted to come in here and write for a bit. Now that I'm done, I'm going to go do something, once I figure out what that something actually is. Later!

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