Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Customer Service

Hey everyone. I just had to come in here really quick and talk about a great customer service experience. I've been using NOD 32 for my antivirus program since late 2005. It has been a great program, and I've been incredibly happy with it. Late last year, a new version was released that was reported to be inaccessible with screen-readers, which was a concern for many people, understandably. Over the last couple of months now though, I've been hearing about a way to get past this inaccessibility, and since I'd upgraded to the full security suite, I wanted to be able to use it and get my money's worth. Before installing the latest version though, I needed to locate my username and password. I couldn't find it, so decided that I needed to call the company. I'd dealt with them in the past when it came to clients, so figured that they'd be able to help me as well. Within five minutes or less, they'd verified that I was who I said I was, updated my email and phone number for me, and emailed me my current username and password. These people are incredible, and until and unless something major happens, they will continue to be my AV program of choice.

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