Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Cell Phones in My Dreams?

Hey everyone. So I had a really weird dream last night and figured I'd write about it here.

In the dream I was talking to someone. Apparently I knew this person fairly well, but for the life of me now I couldn't tell you who it was. Somehow we got on the subject of cell phones though. This person handed me their cell phone and I was totally blown away. It was from Sprint, (probably since that's my provider), and the phone was literally in the shape of a candy cane. The buttons were all in a single line going down the main part of the cane, and the ear piece was built into the hook. And, the weird thing was, it really was literally the size of a regular candy cane. It wasn't over-sized or anything.

The thing is, if you chose to have a very basic phone, there's absolutely no reason at all why something like this wouldn't work. At least, my overworked Monday-morning brain sees the logic behind it. Any thoughts?

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