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Too Close for Comfort

Hey everyone. Someone tipped me off to this story a few hours ago. Even though it's not me, this story discusses people who live in my apartment building, one of them only two doors down from me. I wasn't home when this happened and I can't even begin to express how relieved I am to say that. But, this is just really too close to home, and it's scarey. The article is from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and appeared in today's paper. I'm pasting the actual story below.

Charges filed in blind woman's assault
Posted: June 5, 2008

A 41-year-old man was charged Thursday with pretending to be the son of a 75-year-old visually- and hearing-impaired woman and then raping her once she
let him into her apartment.

The attack occurred Saturday at the Hawley Ridge Apartments, 920 N. Hawley Rd., a 58-unit building managed by the Badger Association of the Blind and Visually
Impaired, Inc.

According to a complaint:

The woman told police she was waiting for a visit from her son when someone rang her doorbell. She admitted a man, claiming to be her son, into her apartment.
The man told her he sounded different because he had a cold. He then assaulted her.

At one point, the woman said, the man carried her into her bathroom and dumped her into her bathtub. He started to pour water on her, then continued to
attack her until her doorbell rang.

The woman described the man as weighing more than 200 lbs., with moles on his back and dry elbows, wearing a wristwatch on one wrist and a name tag on the

According to police, a videotape shows a resident of the apartment building, Matthew Lilek, entering the woman's apartment and then leaving it a short time
later carrying a bra.

The bra, the complaint says, was recovered from Lilek's apartment, along with a pair of women's underpants. Lilek told police he took the underpants from
the apartment building's laundry room and wore them while he attacked the victim.

Pat Brown, the executive director of Badger Association, said that the majority of residents at Hawley Ridge are low-income people with vouchers from the
City of Milwaukee Housing Authority, which is responsible for conducting yearly background checks.

He called the attack "a freak occurrence."

"We have wonderful, reputable, good people living in our complex," he said.

Lilek, himself visually impaired, is charged with second-degree sexual assault; ag
to 58 ½ years in prison.

The actual article can be found here.

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