Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

I'm an Idiot!!!!!

So, I'm learning a valuable lesson at the moment. I own Duxbury which I use for translating my documents into braille files. I've had it since early 2004. I got version 10.4, and was entitled to a free upgrade to 10.5. Great. So, I got it.

When version 10.6 was released I chose not to upgrade because $195 just seemed like a lot of money to pay for an update. So now, here we are almost halfway through 2008. The need has presented itself, and I could really use the update to 10.7, which is just in the process of being shipped. The problem? Because I waited so incredibly long to pay for an upgrade, it's now going to cost me $295 instead of $195. It's my own fault for not updating earlier, but it doesn't exactly help knowing that at this precise moment.

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