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Writer's Block: How I got on LJ

Who introduced you to LiveJournal? Why did you first open an account or get involved?

I figured I'd try this today because I can. So ...

I first heard about LJ in August or so of 2005. I was reading through email messages and came across one from puppybraille and she had her Live Journal address in her signature or something, I don't totally remember. Being a fairly curious person, I decided to give it a look. She was making that transition between high school and college at the time I started reading, and I found what she was writing about to be interesting, so I kept reading.

I think the next person I saw who had an LJ was johnmill79. I was using Blogger at the time and really didn't know about the things that LJ had to offer, or the configurability that was available.

As I continued to read, I also continued to explore. I added more friends pages, and decided that I didn't like always commenting annonymously. So, I created my account for the purpose of commenting to entries.

I finally realized what kind of power LJ had in June of 2006 when I came over here for good. I believed in the service enough that I immediately got a paid account that would unlock all the features to me. One year later they opened up the permanent account purchase option for a few days and I took advantage of that option as well.

So, what started off as something minor has become my main place for writing my thoughts. It's been fun, and although I don't write as much lately, I'm still here, and I plan to be for a long time yet to come.
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