Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Waving Goodbye on a Micro Level

I wrote poetry when I was younger. I never said it was any good. So now, here's my latest attempt.

I'm writing today with a sad story to tell,
It's one of sadness and woe.
There's nothing to do accept begin this sad tale,
So sit back, relax, and let's go.

I fell in love about three years ago,
And it seemed as though it was great!
I brought it home and plugged it in,
For that first taste of nooked food I couldn't wait.

Its buttons were tactile,
It's size was immense.
It's features were plenty,
And its heat was intense.

For three years we've been together now,
And on it I could depend.
Alas, things just aren't working well now,
And it's life I really can't extend.

It's heated and cooked with hardly a groan.
And offered me many a treat.
But heating has now become a terrific chore,
Leaving me with burned food very hard to eat.

Heat sensors are dead now,
Or at least on their way,
And the table no longer rotates,
My days are now gray.

So it's off to the store now,
A new microwave to get,
As soon as I find one,
But there's been no luck, yet.

Goodbye dear old friend,
It's been a pleasant ride.
You've been oh so faithful,
Up to the day you died.

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