Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

A.S.S.U.M.E; We all Know What it Stands For ...

Okay, so a bit of vague background. A company that Bruce and I both beta test for is testing a new listserv package. The testing started Wednesday afternoon and concluded yesterday. Bruce, as some of you who are on his friends page may have noticed, has a keyboard with a rather defective spacebar and it's been causing all sorts of weird things to show up all over the place.

So, yesterday morning, I read a message from Bruce that he'd sent to the list. I forwarded it to him at work and replied because I didn't want my reply to go to the entire list. A few minutes later I saw a message from him where he was apologizing for the keyboard problem and giving assurances that a new keyboard at work was in the works. I replied to the message, making the assumption that the reply would go directly to him. I said some things that just weren't meant for the listening ears of others, (although I didn't say anything that could come back to bite me later. A few minutes later I was looking at some emails on my work machine, and that address is also subscribed to this list. I was shocked to see my message that I'd sent to Bruce show up in my list of unread messages. It kind of stopped me for a second. I immediately replied to my own message with an apology, but it didn't change the fact that I wanted to crawl into a hole and bury myself. I guess that little mistake will teach me to watch more closely the To field so that I know where my messages are going. It was definitely a "duh" moment!

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