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Unpopular View

All over my friends list and now on an email list, I've been hearing people talk about the new audio verification process that Craigs List has implemented. Out of curiosity, I wanted to check it out for myself and see what the big problem was. I've decided, (as unpopular as this is about to make me), that this is a bunch of hype over nothing. They appear to be using a version of the Recaptcha service. This is absolutely no different from the service that LJ uses, and it's coming up on more and more sites. Yes, there's background noise that makes it more difficult to decipher the numbers, but it's my understanding that visually these images aren't exactly friendly either. It seems to me as though people are overreacting to this situation. I want accessibility just as much as the next person, don't get me wrong, but it seems to me that those who are complaining are missing one very important thing. There could be NO audio alternative. And, let's not forget those who can't see the image or hear the audio. It's my opinion that a petition and complaints in this situation are pointless.

And now, let the rotten fruit and eggs fly at will. Just warn me first so that I can duck.