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I did something today that I haven't done since 2001. I went to see an eye doctor. I needed to fill out a form to see if I could qualify for Winnipeg's Handi-Transit service and since I'm not a Canadian citizen with a CNIB ID number, I was required to have a form filled out by an eye doctor. I'll never understand why my regular doctor isn't certified to sign me off as blind, but whatever. It's all good. So I got there about 45 minutes early because my van service saw fit to A, pick me up at the time they told me they'd be here, and B, give me a direct trip to where I was going. Two bonus points for this company today. So, they actually got me into an exam room early. I was really surprised when they sat me down at this machine thing. Okay, so I'm no stranger to having my eyes poked and prodded, especially just before and after my cornea transplant in 1995. But, things have definitely changed since then. Somehow, by just having me sit there, they were able to basically run some tests that gave them all kinds of information without even touching me. I don't even know what all they got, but it was still kind of interesting.

Next, they wanted to check the pressure in my eyes. For anyone who's ever had to go through this, you will most likely understand the discomfort involved. Previously, they had to use some device thingy and go through all sorts of acrobatics to get a potentially inaccurate pressure reading on me. I don't have Glaucoma, I've never had problems with pressure in the past, but it's just one of those things. Here's where the next change happened. They put drops in my eyes first, (which was nothing new), and as always, they burned a bit. They also had the added side effect though of making my entire face screw up, almost as if I'd just eaten a couple of lemons. I felt like both eyes were swollen shut too, and the overhead lights became incredibly bright and painful. They had me put my head into the machine thingy again for this, which was new to me. At this point the lights were really hurting me, and they said that to check the pressure they needed to use a blue light. In the past, the blue light was soft enough that it didn't bother me. Unfortunately, this time it did. So, my eyes, which were already probably really squinched, got even more squinched, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it. They were watering, both from the drops themselves and from the intensity of the lights. I have had some bad experiences with eye doctors in the past, and actually had one doctor when I was in high school who wrote into my chart that I was uncooperative because I wasn't able to move my eyes on command, and look up or down and all that stuff, so every time I go through this kind of thing I think it's just as frustrating to me as it is to the techs trying to do it. The lady that was trying though was very good, and didn't make me feel like crap for not being able to do what she needed me to do. She left the room for a while, and turned the lights down for me so that it was a bit more comfortable. A few minutes later she came back with someone else, who decided that she needed to put drops in again so that she could give it another try. The lights in the room were still off, so it seemed to go a bit better, but as far as I know, they never did get a reading on me. They had one other thing they wanted to try, but I have a latex allergy so they couldn't do it.

In any case, they finally gave up on the whole pressure reading thing. They'd also originally told me that they'd be dilating my eyes, which is yet another thing that makes me uncomfortable since the lights really hurt after that. When the doctor came in though, he decided that I didn't need to have it done. He checked on my cornea transplant and told me that it appeared that all the rejection I'd gone through right after the transplant appears to have gone away, so that was nice to hear. He also filled out his portion of the form, so I got that done. Finally, he wanted to refer me to a specialist who's supposedly going to be able to do something to help me with my light sensitivity problems. If this actually works, maybe I'll have less headaches!!! Granted, those have really gone down, but anything that can be done to help isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So, that's my morning. I'm home now thinking about left-over grilled chicken and potatoes from yesterday, and the possibility of reading for a while before starting work for the day. I'm out tomorrow and Friday, so that'll be good I think. Later!

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