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It always amazes me when airlines or bus companies give you a 50-pound luggage weight limit. Yes, I understand it, especially on planes; balance and stability and all those minor little details. The thing is, when you need to use a large suitcase you're kind of in a tough position. I've got a huge suitcase. I love it, and it works great for trips. The problem though is that, even when it's empty, the thing weighs a ton. So, even if I barely packed anything, I'd be over the 50-pound weight limit. I would love to find something that would give me the nice large size without really compromising the weight. Either that or the airlines need to increase their weight limit to compensate for the heavy-when-empty situation.

Then, you get nice large suitcases, (or at least they look large), and then you open it up only to discover that the wheel and handle apparatus are tucked oh so nicely inside taking up valuable packing space.

Really though, I'm not complaining, I'm just sort of thinking. But, if anyone knows of any nice big, yet light luggage, I'd love to know about it.

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