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I think sometimes that understanding of a simple-minded house cat is beyond the comprehension of humans. Cats have certain behaviors that they typically do, and there are things that most "normal" cats don't do. I don't have normal cats apparently. They both have certain unusual behaviors that make them unique. For instance, For the last few months, Taz has started carrying around dirty washcloths in his mouth and talking to them. Okay, so screaming at them is more like it, but in any case, he finds things, cloths, socks, whatever, and if I've left them around, they're his playthings. Not very pleasant at 2:00 in the morning.

But, the thing that I've always found most amazing is Cally's fascination with water. I've written about it before. Today though, she did something completely new, and I really hope it doesn't become habit for her. I was talking to masterofmusings on Skype and I went into the bathroom to wash my hands. I turned on the faucet like I normally would and went to put my hands into the water. I was extremely shocked when I put my hands down and encountered, not the water that I'd expected, but the very wet back of one 16-pound Cally cat. She was sitting there and had apparently been sleeping in the sink. I kind of screamed, mostly in shock at what I'd just done, and turned off the water. As Cally slowly climbed out of the sink and onto the counter, it was as though she couldn't quite comprehend what had just happened. By this time the hilarity of the situation had hit me and Bruce kept asking me what had happened. I couldn't get out more than about two words at a time because I was laughing so hard. Of course he kept repeating those two words back to me and asking me if I'd be able to say anything else. Obviously, I did finally manage to explain to him what had happened.

A few minutes later Cally and I ran into each other in the kitchen and I was able to more easily assess the damage. Her entire back, tail, and hind quarters are absolutely soaked!!! She, of course, is perfectly fine, other than the fact that her pride and dignity as the queen is probably seriously in question at the moment. I honestly will never truly understand this animal!!!!

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