Caroline (kittytech) wrote,


For a Monday, this is really turning into a good day. Last week I said I was needing to do laundry, but I actually got doing other things that had to get done and never did get around to it. So, that was one of the first things on my list of things to do this morning. It's done!!!!

I also needed to get my Motorola Q9C cell phone working again because I did a factory reset on the phone on Friday and didn't have a chance to deactivate my Mobile Speak license, so I couldn't get the thing to reactivate. So, that's working again.

The other thing I needed to do was to burn some CDs for my last Google class this afternoon, and I got that taken care of. So, for a Monday, it's definitely been fairly productive. I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing evening though after my class just talking to masterofmusings on Skype. It's a short week, and I'm definitely looking forward to the three-day weekend. I'll be out with people on Tuesday and Wednesday, so that'll make my work week go faster too. I really like weeks like this.

Anyway, I'm gone for now. Hope everyone's having a decent Monday!

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