Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Can't Make Up My Mind

On the 16th of this month, Bruce took me to Smitty's Restaurant for breakfast. I wrote about that before, and I also believe that I wrote about the waffle iron and mix as well. I scanned the mix box a little while ago and it's going to be so incredibly easy to make!! All I have to do is add water to a pouch, stir it up, and I've got batter. I'm really super tempted to have waffles tonight because I don't have a lot of food items at the moment until my grocery order comes tomorrow. The thought of a nice crisp waffle sounds incredibly good. I've never done waffles before, but my pancakes have, for the most part, been kind of a disaster. Waffles are nice though since there's no flipping involved. I'm really leaning towards making these, but the one thing that's stopping me some people might find to be kind of nuts, but to me it's important. Since Bruce got me this stuff, I want to be able to share the experience of all this with him, even if it isn't in person. He's going to be gone for a good part of the evening, so we won't have all that much time to talk. So, it comes down to my craving for waffles, or my desire to share certain things, (even just the little things), with masterofmusings. This isn't a what-should-I=do entry, it's just me rambling because I'm bored, and, because I'm sort of finding it difficult to get back to reality after my trip. So, that's where things are at. Maybe waffles, maybe not. Oh yeah, and then there's one other little detail. Smitty's can't ship food items outside of Canada, so if I use one packet tonight, I'll have two left. Yes, I can get waffle mix from any grocery store, but it won't be Smitty's. SMILE! (I know, I know!! WAAAAAA!!!) Later everyone!

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