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I Did it Again!!!!!!!!!!

I swear I'm losing it! I wrote another entry this morning and was extra careful to copy it to the clipboard every so often just in case the program crashed again. Well, the idea worked great in theory, accept that when I got to the very last paragraph. I selected all the text and copied it to the clipboard. Then, I started writing again. Unfortunately, I forgot to unselect the text first. Then, before I realized my mistake, I copied the text to the clipboard again, and my entry was gone accept for the last paragraph. So this time I'm doing an email entry so that I can save the draft. Now though, let's see if I can recreate my original entry.

Today was going to be a mellow day. I didn't think I had anything major going on. I guess I was wrong. I started really doing some serious work at about 12:30 this afternoon, and I've pretty much been at my desk ever since trying to get things done. I'll get into the reason for this in a bit, but first I wanted to talk about my weekend.

Over the weekend I took care of most of my dying items. I took an impromptu trip to Target and picked up a bunch of stuff. First, I picked up some new shoes to wear with my new pants that I got for work. (I don't wear no stinkin skirts peoples and dresses are even worse!!!!! SMILE!!!!). Then for my main reason for going, I found the movie "It". I've read the book a couple of times, and I decided that I wanted the DVD. It cost me tons of cash though. I paid about $8.00. SMILE! I don't think I've ever seen a DVD that cheap before. Then I started the fun shopping. While in the electronics department I looked at new phones to use on my business line. I had two hooked up, and may have to go back to that, but we'll see. I was looking for a nice basic corded phone with a speakerphone built in since I use that line a lot for conference calls and things where I need to be hands-free. Unfortunately, the selection of phones with actual cords seems to be dwindling, and fast. The two that they had were very similar to those that I had in the past, and they were crap. So, I decided to go with a phone almost identical to the phones that I purchased recently for the home line. I've had bad luck with Panasonic phones in the past, but I knew that others had had decent luck with them, so I decided to try again about a month back. I picked up a duel hand-set Panasonic model number KXTG-2622. I got it home, and started to scan the manual. Fortunately for me, I happened to scan it backwards. Because of that, I read something that basically said that if I lost the manual for the phone, (something that happens around here quite regularly), that I could find an electronic copy online. Okay, so why waste the time scanning when an electronic copy is available? So I went in search of it and found it. I was extremely happy with both the manual and the phone. For one thing, I was able to set up, completely independently, the ringtone that I wanted played when a call came through, and my one-touch button for quick access to waiting voicemail. The menus on this phone are numbered, so I can just press numbers to accomplish tasks. And, in many cases, what changes I make on one handset also apply to the other. So anyway, I've had great luck with these phones so far. They have speaker phones in the receiver, and although it's not quite the same thing as a regular base phone, they're still not bad phones, and the price is right. I think I paid about $50 for the duel model. The manual is for three phone models, the 2620, 2621, and 2622. So, when I went to target I happened to see the exact same base that I had at home accept that it had only one paging button rather than two. I'm not sure whether I picked up the 2620 or the 2621, but I think it's the 2621 because I think the 2620 had a few less features. Anyway, that one was only $29, so that was good as well. They're in the 2.4 GHz range, which around here seems to be better than the 5.8 phones that I was getting for a while. The range is all right around the apartment, although leaving it pretty much guarantees that I'm going to lose my call. That's not the phone though, that's the construction of this building.

Anyway, so I picked up this phone. In addition, I picked up two sets of speakers. yes, two. I wanted to replace my laptop speakers because the ones that I had originally purchased from Radio Shack Online that were supposed to be great laptop speakers turned out to be no better than the speakers in my laptop so they were useless at conferences and things where I needed to make my computer heard. I didn't find an actual set of speakers that specifically said they were for laptops and thus were more portable, but I found a nice set that kind of fit together and pretty much fit in my laptop backpack. They're Altec Lancings, and they're not bad speakers. Then I decided that I didn't want to keep using my back-up GE speakers on my desktop, (that may have been discussed in the lost entry), after my 5.1 surround sound speakers started to short out on me. So I picked up another set of Altec Lancings, with a sub this time. These are great speakers! No, they're not surround sound, but with my current set-up I really wasn't able to make them perform the way I wanted them to anyway, so these will do for now. These new ones sound good for my needs, and they're great with music. Unfortunately there's a downside. As soon as I plugged in my new phone the speakers started to really buzz. I'm talking major interference here! So, after a few minutes of crawling around under the desk and relocating some plugs from one outlet to another I was finally able to locate the phone somewhere that wouldn't cause problems with the speakers. I was completely happy about that!

Yesterday I spent the day at the Wisconsin Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired demoing the KNFB Reader. I will be doing the same thing tomorrow at the Badger Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired right here in Milwaukee. No excuses tomorrow, I can walk to work. SMILE! I know I keep talking about doing some sort of review of this reader, and it will still hopefully happen, if I ever get any time to breathe. In a matter of about ten minutes this afternoon I had two new appointments scheduled for next week. I am literally going to be working right up to my vacation!

Now, for the reason I was so crazy this afternoon. I have to admit here if I haven't all ready, that I'm a total nerd. Actually, I'm quite proud of that fact. The thing is, next Wednesday I'm doing a presentation for Teachers on how to use Kurzweil 1000 as an educational tool for students. No, it's not a Freedom Scientific product, but we've been the dealer for the Kurzweil products, and now the KNFB Reader, for years, so we deal in both products. Anyway, for whatever reason, I am extremely excited about this upcoming training session. So I spent the afternoon starting to put together my presentation--looking for sample documents for the teachers to work with, creating my outline--so on and so forth. One of my worst areas when I was in school was notetaking. I never really learned, so I just sort of muddled my way through. I've really tried to pick this up as I've gotten older, but it's always been a problem area for me. I never had any problems with reading comprehension or anything like that though, it was just taking notes. So now I'm trying to create an outline from an existing document and it's kind of like pulling teeth. I can read through the thing and know what points I want to hit on, but getting that into an outline and into something that makes sense is ... Well ... A total pain!!!! So I'm about halfway through that, and then I need to kind of work my way backwards to cover some of the more basic features; you know, like scanning and reading? SMILE! I'm curious to know how many K1000 users I have reading this. If I have enough, I may consider posting the outline here so that I can get some feedback.

Well, I thought there was more I was going to write about, but the smell of my chicken pot pie is killing my last remaining brain cell so I think I'm going to stop for now and wait impatiently for the timer to go off. I'll post this and write more later if I remember what I was going to talk about.

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