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Another Day Down

So Wednesday is, for all intents and purposes, over. I've got the apartment to myself tonight, (unless of course you count Taz and Cally), because voyagerjc decided at the last minute to go to a Brewers Vs. Cubs game tonight. It's a home game for the Brewers, but Jim walked out of here wearing a Chicago Cubs T-shirt and hat. I think it's pretty obvious who he's rooting for. SMILE! Okay, so let's be a little bit more honest here. He didn't decide to go, I practically insisted that he go. SMILE! Well not insisted exactly, but he was debating it and I made the final decision for him. So I'm here and have the place to myself.

I've got half a grilled chicken sub from Cousins, and I'm going to eat that at some point, and then curl up in the recliner with the TV remote and a cat or two; I hope. At some point I've got two laptops to set up and configure, but I've been getting really frustrated with one of them because every time I attempt to work with the wireless part it crashes my network. Thanks a lot, Dell for your freaky (apparently) new wireless software. Was something wrong with the Microsoft wireless interface? Both these machines are supposed to be done by next week, one on Thursday and one on Friday, so at least I've got some time--I think.

Today's demo went really well, and I found out that I actually made a sale! I'm quite excited because it was really super easy. We got so into what we were doing though that we forgot to get something to eat, and by the time we realized what time it was the cafeteria had all ready closed. Hello, Mac Donnalds? Man, I absolutely love their fries!!!!!! Their double quarter-pounders with cheese no onion aren't too bad either. SMILE! At about 4:30 I decided to pack up my laptop and head out. I was supposed to stay around until 5:00, but nobody was coming, and as much as I enjoy playing solitaire, I was getting pretty tired and just wanted to call it a day. I came home and changed into a T-shirt and shorts so that I can be comfortable for the next few hours before I crash for the night. I may or may not be going out tomorrow morning; that will be determined at some point. Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to find out the results of the benefits summary that we had done a couple of weeks ago, and then I'll be starting my Skype and MSN Messenger class. I'm supposed to be doing four sessions, but I had to cancel Monday because I wasn't able to do it, and it's going to be really hard to find a time to make that one up before my vacation. And, surprise, I haven't had time to write my hand-out either, so I guess those aren't going to be ready in time. SMILE! The programs are so straight-forward though, I might be able to get away with no hand-outs. We'll see.

Well, I don't really know what else to write about at this precise moment, so I'm going to stop and post this. I never did remember what I was going to write about the other day, so I guess it wasn't that important. Later.

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