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Nothing Much

So here I am again. I've had kind of a busy day, but it hasn't been bad. I figured that I'd use some time today to catch up a little on some things that still weren't done for next week. I finished one of the two laptops, (accept for the activation of Duxbury, which requires human intervention apparently, and the upgrade activation of Magic, which is going to require a different authorization number). Then it was time to get my own laptop updated. I installed JAWS 7.1, which I hadn't installed on my laptop yet, and upgraded K1000 to the latest update. I also had to install a scanner driver for Wednesday's presentation since I'm not using my regular scanner.

Speaking of the presentation, I just received a PowerPoint presentation that I'll be using for visuals. I actually never even thought of providing visuals, but now that I think about it, I suppose it would help, considering that I'll be presenting this program to a group of sighted individuals.

It's really kind of weird. I'm working on a Sunday, and it really doesn't feel like work, but when I do the exact same thing during the week it's a completely different feeling. It must be purely psychological, but I still find it interesting. Oh well, at least it's not phone calls. I hate those!!!! SMILE! I don't hate getting them, but I hate making them, if it involves trying to sell something.

So, the week's schedule for anyone who may or may not care. Monday, 8:00 AM I'll be doing a very brief demonstration of the Book Port for someone who is interested in learning more about it; (non-jobrelated, this is just because he's interested). 10:30 I'll be doing an install of JAWS and K1000 for a client. 1:30, give or take, I'll be getting my hair cut. It's an off month, so I don't have to worry about the color this time. 4:00-4:15, I need to set up the computer lab for Skype so that I can make it easier for the person who will be teaching the class for me because... 5:00 dinner meeting to discuss the K1000 presentation and work out final details. 8:00 give or take, rum and Coke time! SMILE! And that's just Monday.

Tuesday I was supposed to be training someone on their KNFB Reader, but they cancelled. So, instead I'll be doing some last-minute preparation and configuring one last laptop, and then I'll be doing my make-up class from last week. Wednesday is the presentation. Thursday I'll be delivering the newly configured laptop, setting it up and then providing training, followed by the final Skype class. Friday I'm doing an all-day installation/configuration of a ton of equipment followed by possible training afterwards, depending on how taxed my brain is. Then of course there's laundry and packing for my trip. Saturday, instead of sitting around relaxing and packing, I'm going to be going to a meeting. There's a possibility that we will be voting on some bylaw changes that will change the organization for the Wisconsin ACB affiliate, and there's no way I'm not going to be there when that vote happens. I've been pushing it since the beginning, and I want to see it actually happen. Then of course, we all know what next Sunday is! We're going to go to the train station early, partly because they told me I needed to be there an hour early, but partly because we want to see what's available in the gift shop, and voyagerjc absolutely loves trains so he wants to be around the station. A couple of years ago for Christmas I gave him the perfect gift. He loves trains, and he loves Coke. So, I found him a train that was marked up with Coke things. It has a music box in it that plays "I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke", so it was absolutely perfect for him. He still has that thing. SMILE!

Wel, I think that's about it for now. I've got to start our supper pretty soon; (not that we're having anything really spectacular; chicken tenders and French fries), but it'll still be good. Later everyone.
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