Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Making a Statement

So you'd think that after a year, I'd know better than to make any kind of open-ended statement, or even a suggestion to masterofmusings. He sent me an email this afternoon and said that he forwarded me a message because he wanted an excuse to write to me. I wrote him back and told him that he never needed an excuse to write me. I also said that he could write me any time, as long as he didn't send me tons of emails with one word in each one so that I'd have to try to figure out what he'd done. I suppose there was a really big part of me that knew he'd take it as a challenge, so I wasn't overly surprised when one-word messages began appearing in my inbox. I'm still trying to figure out what he said. One-word emails are fine, but these messages didn't even come in the correct order. So, not only do I have to figure out what he was saying, but I also have to unscramble the sentence. One of us has way too much free time!! GRIN!!! And no, this is most definitely not me complaining.
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