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I Don't Get People Sometimes

It always amazes me when people take advantage of an innocent mistake. Most people will probably find this to be incredibly pointless, but to me it's a big thing.

Last week I did a couple of loads of laundry. I have this really neat laundry cart with a bag built in and three shelves to put things on and it's worked really well to bring stuff from my apartment to the laundry room. Well, apparently, when I finished with my laundry soap, I must have forgotten to put it back on my cart, and I didn't notice that it was missing until yesterday. I went back to the laundry room hoping to find my soap. It was there. Unfortunately, my almost-full bottle had become an all-but-empty bottle. I knew it was my soap. I recognized the bottle, and I recognized the smell. Someone, (or several someones), had decided that because there was a bottle of soap out on the counter they were just going to use it instead of attempting to determine who it might belong to. Yes, I made the mistake of leaving my soap there, but it's not like people don't know each other in this building. It would have taken a whole 5 minutes or less to knock on people's doors on this floor and ask if they'd misplaced their soap. Now, I'm completely out laundry soap, and I'll have to replace it. Am I wrong to feel that this just shouldn't have happened? Do I expect too much of people to be honest?

I just love it when a stupid mistake

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