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Well, I wanted to write another entry today just to give an update. I had a really nice day today. My appointment was cancelled because of a faulty laptop that I didn't notice until Tuesday while I was setting it up, so I didn't have anything else to do accept for finishing up with my Skype/MSN Messenger class. I still never got around to creating my hand-outs, but I'll find a time to do that, somehow. If nothing else, maybe I can create the things on the train on Sunday.

I also went to the bank this afternoon so that I could get money for my trip. As always, I took out part in traveler's checks and part in cash. It's inevitable that I'd go somewhere and be told that they don't accept traveler's checks so I'd be screwed. About a year and a half ago I purchased a signature stamp. I am capable of signing my own name, (and in fact I know all my letters because I wanted to learn them when I was a kid), but my hands cramp up so bad when I hold a pen that it was really becoming a problem. then, add to that the fact that if I had several checks or other documents to sign it became really uncomfortable. so I decided that I'd get a stamp. There's kind of been some debate over the years as to whether they're good to have or not. I know that if it ever got lost anyone could sign my name, but I'll tell you, I've never once regretted getting it. My hands are also happy that I have it. SMILE!

Anyway, there I go again, starting to ramble. So I did the bank thing, and then pretty much just relaxed around the apartment until it was time to go and teach my class. It was really interesting doing Skype in a computer lab. I prefer that the students not use headphones in my classes unless they need them to hear better because I like to know what they're hearing so that I can correct any problems that might come up. so, at one point we had a 4-way conference call going on and out of three computers you heard the same thing at the same time. The fourth computer was in another room so it wasn't a problem, but it was pretty hilarious. Then, there was the problem that one person was having. she has a laptop, and brings her computer with her instead of using one of the lab machines. This is fine, because then she's got everything she needs when she's home. but, for some reason today, her machine was really dragging. So everyone would hear her talk, and then maybe 15 or 20 seconds later you'd hear what she said through the speakers. It was the same when we talked to her. It was nothing that a reboot didn't solve, but it was really strange.

I made chicken patties and French fries tonight for lack of inspiration. I threw the chicken on buns with some cheese, and for myself I added a little Miracle Whip. It was good, but now I'm really full.

I've been playing Solitaire all night, and I can't seem to win at all today. I go through these fazes where I'll win every game, and then I won't win at all for a long time. I'm beta testing another game in the Blind-Gamers series, so if you have any of these free games there will be another one coming soon.

Well, voyagerjc just pulled out my very large suitcase, so I think I'm going to go check it out and see what all I have to do to it so that it's ready for packing tomorrow night. Later everyone.
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