Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

Dumpsters are NOT My Friends, and Wrong Numbers

My apartment building is an older one, although they're updating gradually. One thing they don't have though that I've gotten extremely used to is a garbage chute. So, instead, I have to walk outside carrying garbage bags and locate the dumpster. As with many things, dumpsters aren't fixed to the ground, and they have handles that stick out. So today, I went out, threw some stuff into the dumpster, and turned to start heading back into the building. WHAM!!!!!! I found one of the dumpster handles, very painfully. It hit me right about where my heart is, and I'm going to have one massive bruise from this thing. It's killing me!!!!!

Also, if I ever find out who Chrystal is, she's going to get a piece of my mind. I've had my current cell number for about two weeks now. In that time, I've gotten phone calls and text messages for someone named Chrystal. This morning's call was a creditor, and she was very insistent that I just had to be her. I said that I'd only had the number for two weeks, and I had absolutely no idea who this person was. I don't think the lady believed me. The joys of inheriting old numbers!!!

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