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It's About That Time

Well, not much time left now. I'm almost all packed accept for my Book Port, which I can't pack yet because I'm putting books onto it. I saved up Audible credits just for this trip and downloaded two more books by Jodi Whats-her-Face; (sorry, can't think of the spelling at this precise moment, but can look it up later). She just released a brand new book within the last couple of weeks or so, and I was able to get it through Audible. With those two books I've got about 33 hours of entertainment right there, and then I've got 9 books from RFB&D and those will just ride in my carry-on suitcase; not that I expect to need them, but I always like to be prepared.

I'm leaving for the station in a little less that 4 hours, and voyagerjc is going to go to McDonalds this morning and pick up some sausage Mc-Griddles. If you guys have never had them, or even heard of them for whatever reason, they're pancakes with a sausage patty between them, and the whole thing tastes like syrup. They have recently become my favorite breakfast item from there. I don't eat eggs, and would never dream of ruining a great sandwich with them, especially mixed with sausage.

File 3 of 5 is transfering now, and it's definitely taking a while. I love being able to take these books with me though, and to me it's definitely worth the slow transfer so that I have them.

I kept trying to post an entry yesterday morning but things kept coming up so I totally gave up. I had planned on doing a travel poll, which I may do later from the train if I can remember what I was going to ask, and I had this whole thing written out. This of course reminds me, I need to write down my Gmail settings so that I can configure it on my laptop, and I need to write down my LJ email information since I suspect that it'll be much easier to post via email while I'm gone. Two more things to add to my to-do list. SMILE!

Well, I think I'm going to stop writing and proof this so that I can post. It's sending file 4 now, so it's getting close to being done.Hopefully you'll hear more from me later today.
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