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Hey everyone. I just thought I'd come in here quick and write for a bit. Over the last couple of entries, I've mentioned the family across the hall from me. They just keep surprising me. The oldest daughter stopped by with a couple of her sisters a few minutes ago. I hadn't met her yet, and she wanted to introduce herself to me. There are 8 kids ranging from almost 21 down to maybe 3 or 4. They wanted to see Taz and Cally, so I had them come in and they got to say hi. Taz even let the oldest girl hold him which is really unusual. Cally hid under my bed, but they still got to at least look at her.

These people just seem absolutely incredible though!! They keep telling me that if I need anything that I should just ask. I have a really big lasagna that I wanted to make, and it wouldn't fit on my scanner so I wasn't able to get directions. She read that for me, so I'll be having lasagna today for food. Also, I mentioned that if there was ever a good time, I really would appreciate it if someone could show me how to work the washers and dryers. She took me there immediately and showed me what was what. Yes, so these things are little things. But I have a really hard time asking for help, and whenever possible I prefer to do things on my own, or something like it. SMILE! These girls have, over and over, made it clear that I can ask for help with things, come visit, whatever. It's just so neat. I haven't met anyone else in the building, but when I moved in, the person that brought over my lease mentioned that this family was incredible, and she is so incredibly right. Moving to a new place is interesting. Moving to a new state is even more interesting. Ending up across the hall from incredible people just makes things really great.

Anyway, I'll shut up now, at least for a bit, but I just had to write about this.

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