Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

It's Me Again

I'm sitting here with a live Internet connection, so couldn't resist a
quick update. I just have a couple of things to write about; I think.

First, the birthday party. It happened on Friday. I somehow got
suckered into wearing a dress, (which I think I mentioned in an earlier
post), and it was really hot! We had fried chicken, macaroni salad, and
biscuits to keep with the theme of Gone with the Wind. Then we had the
best cake I've ever had in my life! It was marble cake with chocolate
and vanilla frosting, but it was just really super good. I definitely
changed out of the dress as soon as I possibly could though. Some of
you may be lucky enough to see pictures, but I'm not posting any of them
here. SMILE!

Yesterday we went shopping. I got myself something that I've wanted for
a long time. I've been talking about getting one but haven't done it.
This whole party thing though has made me decide that it's time. So
what is this item? We went to Sam's Club and for about $127 I picked up
an Olympus Digital Camera with 500 Mega pixel resolution (Or something
like that, it's 5 something). Then, for an additional $40, they had a 1
gig XD storage card. The camera itself had a little onboard memory, and
it came with a 128 meg XD card, but I couldn't pass up the 1 gig card at
that price. So last night we spent some time trying to figure out the
camera. It's actually not that complicated, and it's going to be really
neat to get some pictures that I can show others. I guess it can even
record video, but that'll take up a lot of memory, so I don't think I'll
be doing that much. I know how to get into the pictures so that I can
show them to people using the screen on the camera, so my next purchase
needs to be a camera case so that I can carry it with me when I travel.
Then, as long as I have someone to take pictures for me, I'm good.
Welcome to the 21st century for me!

I also bought several souvenirs too, but this was my big thing. Now
today I'm getting a "surprise" birthday party of my own since she won't
be able to attend my big 30 party in December. I'll write about that
once it happens. SMILE!

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