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Crazy Animals!!!!

One advantage to my new apartment is that it has the space, and the hook-ups, for a washer and dryer. Although the laundry room is right next door to my apartment, and although it's only $0.50 to wash and $0.50 to dry, it ends up costing me much more than that because the machines don't seem to be doing a very good job of drying. One load I did last week took three hours to dry completely. So, since moving in here, my goal has been to get my own machines. When I learned that the agency I'm renting from also offered machines for rent, I jumped at the chance to get them and last week I put myself on the waiting list. Yesterday afternoon I got the call that machines were available and that someone would be coming by tomorrow, (now today), or sometime this week to deliver and set things up. They asked me to make sure that the closet where the machines are supposed to go was clear. All that I've had in there so far was a wooden stand and a cart, so this morning I started working on moving that stuff out of the way.

To do this though, I obviously had to have the doors open to that area. An open door to Taz and Cally is an invitation to explore, and I knew there was no way of getting around it. So, I did what I needed to do, and got things moved out of the way. I then wanted to close the doors because they stick out into my hallway when they're open and I didn't want to be running into them.

I'm about 5 feet and 2 inches tall. Not too far above my head in this laundry closet is a shelf for soap and stuff which makes sense. So, I was walking around in the closet making sure that there were no kitties hiding anywhere. I didn't find anyone on the floor, but I kept hearing Taz's bell. I checked the shelf, and there was Taz, sitting there all proud of himself. He wasn't pleased when I removed him either. Keep in mind that this is now an empty closet, and Taz is almost thirteen years old. I couldn't believe that he jumped over 5 feet, but he had. And, he was definitely loving it. I thought it was great!!!

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