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So masterofmusings came down to visit for the weekend. Now that I'm in my new apartment, he wanted to come and check it out. So, this gives me a good reason to do a couple of things. First, I get to spend some time with him which is never a bad thing. But second, I get to make food!!!! Okay, so that sounds crazy maybe, but I hate cooking for myself. I love having the opportunity to cook things that someone else besides myself will get to eat.

So, what have I done? When he got here yesterday, I made grilled cheese sandwiches made with pepper jack cheese. To me, this gives the sandwich a really good flavor, and I love it. We finished off that meal with a dessert that I got from his sister-in-law. (Okay, the recipe anyway, not the dessert itself.) It's made with chocolate chips, marshmallows, butter, and coconut. It came out great, except that for some strange reason, there almost seemed to be too much butter and it stayed on top of the pan and kind of tasted weird.

Last night we ordered out. I'm not going to link to the place because we were both kind of disappointed in the food, I'd heard so much about the place and we were both really hoping for a great meal that just didn't happen. Because his sandwich was so bad, I made him a couple of these really incredible cheese-stuffed chicken patties that I knew he'd like. When prepared in the oven, these things just sort of melt in your mouth, and they're really cheap from my grocery store.

Today, these are the plans. I started off with a breakfast tradition that I do every time Bruce is here. Sausage patties and biscuits. Bruce likes butter on his, I like cheese. Later, I plan to make pizza pockets using my new GT Xpress grill. This thing is great and you can do some really great meals in a really short time. basically, for these pizza pockets, I've got some soft tortilla shells. I'll be mixing together pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and Canadian bacon and then filling the shells. I fold it over and seal the edges before putting them into the wells of the grill. Within a few minutes, you've got the sealed pockets filled with the toppings. It does an incredible job, and I'd recommend this grill to anyone who likes quick and easy. I even have the manual and recipes scanned if anyone needs that.

Tonight's meal though is one that I'm really looking forward to. It's going to be peanut butter chicken. The sauce is, of course, peanut butter, brown sugar, cream, and Chinese chili garlic sauce. I've never made this before, but it sounds really good, and the chili sauce is incredibly hot and spicy, so that's good for both of us. I'll be serving that over rice. Tomorrow we'll be taking the bus back to Winnipeg so we won't be eating too much beforehand, but later in the week I'll be making tacos. I really like to cook, but again, I just don't do it much for myself because there's just not much fun in it when there's nobody to share it with so I absolutely love times like this!! And, I bet if you asked Bruce he'd tell you that he doesn't exactly mind the eating of the food any more than I enjoy the preparation of it. SMILE!!!

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