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Just a Bunch of Random Stuff; Potentially an Update, Finally

Here it is, 10:50 PM, and I'm hungry. I ate earlier, so there's no reason for it. And, if I eat anything this late I'm going to wake up in the middle of the night with heartburn so I don't even know what to do about it. I suppose it's partly due to the fact that I'm not normally up this late, but tonight is an exception. masterofmusings is having a guy night and he's been looking forward to it all week. I've given him specific instructions that he is to win his Blackjack tournament tonight because the next one, which will be taking place on January second, is going to be my win so he needs to get his winning out of the way now. They play for soda, chips, and chocolate bars; all such wonderfully healthy foods. I came so close to winning in October, (okay so it wasn't all that close because Bruce absolutely stomped all over us that night), but I went from dead last into second place. (Never mind the fact that there were only three of us that night so it wasn't that much of a leap. We just won't tell my fragile ego that fact, okay?)

So anyway, he's playing cards, and I'm just kind of doing whatever. The other day I received a gift certificate from Amazon, and I literally spent almost the entire day trying to decide how to spend it. (Yes, I really really need to find a job!!!) I finally decided that since I couldn't find any decent shelves that I wanted, and everything else that I'd really like to get for this place was too expensive, I'd just get something completely unnecessary. I decided on a set of fleece sheets, a fleece blanket, and, since I still had some money left, a fleece travel blanket for my bus trips. The sheets came yesterday, along with my travel blanket, and the regular blanket arrived this evening. So, I made up the bed for the first time since moving into this apartment two weeks ago, and I absolutely love the feel of these sheets. If you're a flannel sheet person, you should really consider these fleece sheets. They're extremely soft, although there is most definitely a front and a back to them, and I am really happy with how they fit my bed. I've got an air bed, and on top of that I also have a four-inch memory foam mattress topper. Some of you may remember me writing about buying that last year. Regular sheets fit, but over time, because the two together are fairly thick, the corners of the bottom sheet come untucked. These new sheets are designed to work with up to a 16-inch mattress, so it fits really well. I can't wait to sleep on them tonight!!!!

Other than that, I've had a very uneventful evening. Taz is being a spoiled kitty, and all day he's been cuddling with me whenever I sit down, and begging for attention when I'm at my desk. He hasn't gone near my apartment door since the day my dad and I were bringing in my desk and he tried to sneak out. He wasn't counting on the door shutting by itself and the poor little guy got his tail caught. It's doing a lot better now, and he's been his regular active self, but I felt so bad when it happened, and his tail was so swollen in one area. Cally has become more skittish since my move from Milwaukee. Whenever someone comes, she goes and hides. While my dad was here she spent her days sleeping in the bathtub, but when it's just me she's out acting like her normal self. I suppose though that if I were a cat, being taken from a place that was familiar and then being somewhere else would be hard enough, but then to suddenly be moved again; at least I have the ability to understand it.

I'm settling in here although I still know nothing about my neighborhood or anything, and it could be as long as two months before I can get any sort of orientation. Right now, my only options are the local Para-Transit system or cabs. Even getting over to my friend's house is now pretty much out until I learn the route again, so things have kind of been a bit on the lonely side. In just under two weeks though I'll be heading back for a very brief trip to Wisconsin, (nowhere near Milwaukee though), and then I'll be heading up to spend New Year's with Bruce, and I'm really looking forward to both trips.

The job search is continuing, and I'm working on getting established with the local Voc. Rehab agency, (hence the potential two-month waiting period.) I had one potential opportunity, but unfortunately I wasn't selected so I'm still looking. It'd be an incredible Christmas present though if I were able to find something!!!!

Well, I don't really know what else to write about at this point, so I think I'll just sort of end this for now. Bye for now.
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