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Today, because of a blizzard that is happening, I decided that I needed to go to Wal-Mart to get a few grocery items along with a couple of things that I'd be needing for my upcoming trips. One thing that I needed was a good pair of pajamas. And of course, I found myself a great set of fleece ones. Yes, I'm obsessed. GRIN!! This, however, leads me to my absolutely pointless topic of conversation for the night.

I loved it when manufacturers stopped putting actual tags into the neckline of shirts. So much of the time I find these tags irritate my skin so badly that I've ended up with rashes, so many times I've been known to take them out. So, when the tags started appearing as some sort of painted-on whatever, I was thrilled. It seems though that lately manufacturers have taken a bit of a step backwards. This nice comfortable pajama top has the traditional painted-on whatever behind the neck, and an irritating paper tag sewn into the left seam right about waist level. This has happened to me with shirts as well. So, where's the advantage in this? Why move the tag when the original new system worked so much better? I know, I could just cut out the tag, but if I did that and didn't say anything, then what would I write about in this LJ? SMILE!!!

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