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Okay, How About a Real Entry Now?

This has just been one of those days! Everything that could possibly happen has happened, and I can't wait for 10:00 PM when I can go to sleep and start over tomorrow. Let's see, what's been going on in my world?

I've got to go see a client tomorrow and deliver a laptop. Okay, this is fine. However, I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I had one laptop with a problem. This is the guy that had the bad machine. So that was taken care of, and I spent the last two days putting that together. It didn't actually take me two ful days, but I've been working on it on and off. I didn't anticipate any problems, but I had some. First, while setting up Windows XP, I happened to notice that the system was running XP Professional. No big deal, accept that in looking over this guy's order and then comparing it to the software that I had for him, I realized that he only had JAWS standard. This guy has been waiting since about April for his equipment, and we really didn't want to postpone his visit any longer, so someone had to get that straightened out, which meant getting authorization from the VA, so on and so forth.

So, in the mean time I figured I'd instal the rest of the software. I didn't want to use that crappy narrator to do the rest of the configuration, so I slipped in my Freedom Box PassKey and loaded System Access. If you have never tried it, I gotta say that it's really a useful thing to have. It definitely spared my sanity today, that's for sure.

I did what I needed to do with the system itself and then went looking for Microsoft Office 2003. I knew it was supposed to be there, but where? I was expecting a box; one of those annoying plastic-type boxes that you have to cut open with super-power scissors. Nothing. I took the equipment box apart, (or as much of it as I could since the thing comes up to my waist and I'm not exactly the tallest person in the world. Still nothing. So I put a call into the office. No, they didn't have it there, and they were sure it had been given to me. It turned out that the software was actually nothing more than one of those little cardboard sleeve things with the disks in it. I was told that the disks were from Dell, and didn't even think to try them because of that. So, in pure desparation I tried it and it worked. Fortunately for me I had the foresight to get the product key ahead of time so I didn't have to sit there trying to figure out what that was. Those things don't scan all that well unless you really mess around with them. (I discovered this the other night while trying to install my digital camera software.)

Then two things happened at once. Office was installed, and the authorization to change the JAWS serial number from Standard to Pro came through. Awesome! I could get the machine done. I ran the Office update thing and ended up needing about 9 updates there. Then, just as I was about to shut down, I noticed that more Windows updates were coming through. For whatever reason, the Microsoft site was really slow today, so even on my cable connection it was taking forever to get things. I left the machine alone and came back a couple hours later to 35 critical updates. Either Microsoft has discovered all sorts of holes over the last couple of days or else Dell didn't update their system before sending it out. Either way, that was a ton of updates. Again, very sad.

So now I'm just sitting here writing about everything. This probably doesn't sound like much over all, but it was just the stress of knowing that it had to get done today, and trying to keep it within the time limit that I have to work with.

Tonight for supper I made Macaroni and Cheese and then I added Cream of Mushroom soup and hamburger. The hamburger was really super good. For anyone who doesn't know this, I've got a hamburger tip. Tupperware has a great microwave vegetable steamer but it does tons more than just vegetables. yes, I've been to way too many Tupperware parties lately. SMILE! At the last party, the representative, (who I've gotten to know quite well since I've been to about 3 or 4 of her parties over the last year), mentioned that you can brown hamburger in this thing. She said that you have to put it in for about 1-1/2 to 2 minutes per pound and it comes out great. I was a bit of a scheptic, thinking that many things come out of the microwave either soggy or dry depending on what you're making. she said though that it was nice because the grease dripped down into the bottom so that you don't have to drain the meet, and because the lid is on the steamer, the flavor actually stays in. Well, i didn't feel like doing a lot with the stove other than cooking the noodles, so I decided to try this tonight, figuring that it wasn't going to be a big deal either way because the meat would be in something else. So 4 minutes and I had browned hamburger, and it tasted absolutely amazing! The meat wasn't the best quality in the world, but the end results were totally amazing, and I think I'll be doing it this way again. So, if you want something good, but either don't want to use your stove because it's too hot, or if you just don't want to use it, try one of these steamers. I absolutely love mine!

Okay, so now I sound like a commercial for Tupperware. i swear that I'm not getting paid to write this stuff. SMILE!

Well anyway, it's getting close to 10:00 now so I can actually get ready for bed. Tomorrow evening starts a three-day weekend for me, and we're talking about having a small gathering on Monday night! Should be fun!

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