Caroline (kittytech) wrote,

How I Spent My Labor Day Weekend ... And Other Things

I'm back for another exciting entry of ... Okay, wait a minute. I'm just back. SMILE!

Anyway, I've got some news, and to me it's pretty exciting. You guys may not agree, but we'll see. On Friday I delivered the laptop that I had been working on. Unfortunately, the screen image for all programs was rotated counterclockwise by 90 degrees. I've heard of this happening, and at one point I actually knew how to fix it. On Friday I couldn't think of how to do it though. It's an easy fix, but I just can't remember where it is.

so anyway, the person that gave me a ride that day decided to call Dell. We figured that it'd be a fairly easy call simply because it should have been a really easy fix. Not so. The Dell guy was apparently not very easily understood, and he kept trying different things, including undoing many of the changes that I had made to Windows in the first place to make it less confusing and cluttered. Of course none of the things he tried were even remotely close to the problem, and the problem never did get resolved. I need to research it and fix it the next time I go see this guy.

anyway though, the whole experience on the phone with Dell was really lousy, and at that point I made up my mind to create an audio file with a customer service call scenario. That was my goal for the weekend.

So, last night I started going through my sound affects looking for appropriate sounds to use. Then I went through my Midi collection looking for things that would fit. Finally, I brought up good old Goldwave, (remember from a very old entry, Goldwave is my friend.), and started working. What I came up with this afternoon ended up being just a little over two and a half minutes in length, and about 26 megs as a wave file. Don't worry, I've also compressed it into an MP3 file. Much more portable! Actually I suppose I could have used OGG, but I think most people are more able to play the MP3 files.

so anyway, to make a long story short, if anyone is interested in hearing this audio file, leave me a comment here and/or send me an email. I've got an email address listed on my info page for those of you who don't all ready know my personal address. I'll send the file to anyone interested. I personally think it's pretty funny, but I haven't gotten anyone Else's opinion yet. I want feedback, please?????

voyagerjc and I organized a little party-type thing that will be happening tomorrow evening for the holiday. I'm making barbecue pulled pork, and everyone else is bringing something, and we're going to have a lot of good eats!!!! I told Jim that this is sort of the dress rehearsal for my big birthday in December. If this is nuts, I can't wait to see December. SMILE!

Anyway, that's about it for now. If you're not reading my posts on your Friend's Page, you may notice some very slight changes to the page. I wanted to change a couple of things since Live Journal is making some changes too, and I thought it was pretty fitting. To me, that's one disadvantage of the Friends Page. I miss out on what things are like on everyone's pages if they choose to customize. Oh well, having the entries all in one place is definitely a nice thing. Later everyone!

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