April 16th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

What The ...

Okay, so I had every intention of adding a new entry to my regular blog this morning. I get to the write page and start looking for the categories since what I'd planned to post was a blogthing that I thought was pretty cool. I get there and there's an edit box to add new categories, but no check boxes for the existing ones. I figured that Word Press was making changes to the site so I went to look at my blog itself. It comes up with my template and my name, but it appears that all my entries have been completely wiped out! After posting yesterday I went to the site and everything was perfectly fine. I checked out another Word Press page and it was there with all entries intact So, where is all my stuff? I guaranty you that if I can't get it back I'm moving over to LJ even though it means having to give out yet another new address.

Well, now I'm going to go try to find a way to contact Tech Support and see what's happening. I'll post an update here if and when I learn anything new.
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Bruce, Caroline


Okay so I went back to the Word Press page that I thought was coming up and discovered that it actually isn't working. Then I went to the main Word Press site and nothing came up. So, the good thing is that it appears that the problem is site-wide and not just me. So I suppose that's a good thing. But, in the mean time, nobody has access to their blogs over there. So, that's the story. More once I know it myself.
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