June 10th, 2006

Bruce, Caroline


Well, here's the first of many entries that I'm going to post here. Yes, I decided to switch to LJ permanently. I'm sorry for those of you who have my Word Press address memorized, but I promise this will be the last move for a long time. I decided to make this a paid account, so I plan to have some fun with this! So here goes nothing! SMILE!
Bruce, Caroline

Way Too Cool!

Wow! I'm learning some really interesting things here. Not sure how it'll look, but I'm attempting to post an entry via email.

As long as I'm writing here though, I may as well say that as always, if people are having trouble with the colors please let me know. I may need to get sighted assistance to really get it right, but I really like white on blue, but I'm flexible.

Anyway, let me post this and see what happens.
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