July 31st, 2006

Bruce, Caroline

Totally Nasty!!!!!

Well, I'm sitting here in the middle of the day. The temperature is 98 degrees, and that's probably in the shade. The air conditioning is on so I'm comfortable, but I just got out of the shower and was in there for about a half hour. Why? Well, you're about to find out. I've had some interesting work stories, but I honestly think this one tops every other story I've ever had.

I spend a lot of time in other people's homes working with them on their computer stuff. Nine times out of ten I go alone to these appointments because there's not usually something that requires me to have someone with me unless there's equipment to carry or whatever. Fortunately today there was a SARA, and since I can't exactly carry that on my back, I had someone with me to help with the delivery. We walked in and the first thing I noticed was the smell. It kind of reminded me of a basement full of stuff. Kind of musty; old. Compared to the 98 degrees outside, the house was cooler, and there was a very small air conditioner unit in the window. I kind of stood there while the person with me brought in the SARA. Before we could set it up we first had to figure out where it was going to go. The guy said that he wanted it on his piano bench. I was a bit concerned about this because that's just not a very good place for those things, and piano benches are usually kind of tippy. The guy that was helping me attempted to make room somewhere else, and asked the guy if he could move some of his stuff. I was still standing next to the air conditioner, figuring that I'd at least try to stay cool if possible for as long as possible.

All of a sudden, the guy I was with asked the other guy if he knew that he had a roach problem. The guy said that he may have had a very slight problem but nothing major. Okay, so at this point I was starting to get just a little uncomfortable. All kinds of things ran through my mind, the biggest thing being that I didn't want to bring any of these things home on me. We've never had a problem with bugs, accept for the time in our last place where a bunch of carpenter ants crawled in through an open window from our deck, but everybody was getting those that summer and it had nothing to do with cleanliness, or a lack thereof. The next thing I knew, a box was moved and the guy I was with said that he wasn't setting anything up until an exterminator came in and sprayed. He said that we were leaving, and I followed him out. It turned out that the box, which was about the size of a 27-inch TV, and completely closed, was apparently completely infested with roaches. Once the box was moved, the guy said they fell out like water running from a tap. He said that it was absolutely disgusting, and that he had never seen anything that bad. He said that he wouldn't be bringing me back into that place, and that this guy would have to come back to the VA to finish his training.

So, once we were out of there, the psychological thing started kicking in and I started to itch. Which of course, is why I came home and immediately got into the shower. I feel much better now, and sincerely hope that nothing came in with me. I just had to share because, since I had to go through it, I wanted all of you to share the experience with me. SMILE!
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