February 6th, 2007

Bruce, Caroline

Almost Wednesday!!!!

Yes, two days of this week are behind me, and tomorrow, since I'll be in the office all day, the time is going to go by really fast. In the morning we're going to have our traditional staff meeting where we talk about the clients that have open purchase orders and things so that we know where everybody is. Plans for the afternoon may have changed a little. I'm either going to do Magic, or else I'll be talking to a couple of people about the Focus, (my absolute favorite braille display of all time), and a couple of other products. Personally I hope it's the multiple products. I could go on forever about some of this stuff. SMILE! I am SUCH A NERD!!!!!!

Thursday is going to be kind of interesting. In the morning I have to set up and configure a desktop system for someone. This means that I need to figure out exactly where I'm going to put the thing since I am completely out of long Ethernet cables, and can't string something from the router into my office. Laptops are easy since they pretty much all have wireless these days. So, I'll be setting that up in the morning on Thursday and I think this particular client is getting Window-eyes. Once that's done I get to go see one of my repeat offenders. SMILE! I've worked with this guy on and off for about two years, and lately I've been putting him at the end of the day because I know that he's one that I won't want to strangle while we're working, and he's a great way to end a long day.

Friday is going to be absolutely nuts! In the morning I've got to go deliver the computer and start training the person on how to use it. It's supposed to be from 9:00 AM until 12:30. Then I have to try to get a cab and go across town to work with another guy. The good thing about this guy is that if I'm late he's not going to be upset with me. I hate being late for these appointments though, but sometimes it's unavoidable, especially when I'm relying on public transportation. The big question for Friday though is, where exactly am I going to fit in lunch; and, what am I going to be able to eat on the go? I've had too much lunch meat in my life so cold sandwiches just don't really do much for me. SMILE! I wonder if they make things that will heat up automatically when you breathe on them. And no, I'm not referring to ice cream. SMILE!

So, my week may have started off slow, but it's definitely going to pick up. Today actually went pretty fast. I finished sending out my mass email, and if I have to write "Important Information About JAWS and Windows Vista" one more time I'm going to scream. Oh wait, I just did write it again. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! It became so repetitive after a while. I had an Excel spreadsheet with about 450 names and email addresses, and I had to take between ten and fifteen addresses at a time and send out the emails. But, since I was copying the addresses to the clipboard, I couldn't keep the body of the message there, so I had to go from program to program to get the information I needed. I was absolutely thrilled when I got that done! I still haven't gotten in touch with the person that I need to talk with for the second evaluation, and I guess that's probably not going to happen since the evaluation is supposed to be on Thursday. GRRRR!!!! Oh well, what can I do?

Tonight on American Idol they let a sixteen-year-old girl from Texas through. For some reason, I always find myself cheering for the younger contestants there. I think it's so cool when the younger people get on, and I always want them to do well. Kelly Pickler from last year is still one of my favorites, and I heard a song of hers not too long ago on Sirius Channel 61. I supported her up until the end, and I'm glad that she still is doing something with music. Anyway, this girl they let through is kind of the opposite of Kelly. She lives in a small town, but she's completely into the big city stuff. I really thought she sounded good, so I hope she goes far.

Well, I guess that's about it for now. I want to have a chance to read for a while before I go to bed. Oh, I packed up my PAC Mate this evening to get it ready to go out via UPS tomorrow. At least I've still got my braille display though, and I snapped that onto the BX that I have, so that much is good. Hopefully the turn-around time won't be too bad, and I'll have it back sooner rather than later. So, I'll catch everyone tomorrow or whatever. Bye for now!
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